Sure Strip is a manufacturer and supplier of edge trims and expansion joints. The products come in a variety of different materials including aluminium, brass, stainless steel and pvc. All products have specialist uses for wall and floor tiles as well as carpet and wooden floor edging. Apart from the quality products with the best price, our ability to respond to requests and to deliver speedily makes all the difference for our customers. Sure Strip has been committed to being the supplier of choice since 1999.

Commitment To Quality

All raw materials are purchased from ISO 9002 approved suppliers

All products are manufactured to meet or exceed the accepted industry specifications for ceramic tile protection and movement joint products

SABS and Independent Laboratory tests have been conducted in order to ensure that we either meet or exceed the accepted industry standards

To ensure the quality of the products, random tests from every production run are carried out

The manufacturing quality of the entire range of products carries a guarantee. This is subject to the correct selection of product for the application, the correct usage of adhesives and an acceptable standard of installation and workmanship